01. Do you accept insurance?

We provide itemized receipts/superbills for patients to submit for out-of-network reimbursement from their health insurance companies. We are not affiliated with any insurance company, including Medicare or Medicaid.

02. Is the practice accepting new patients?

Yes. Please call the office at (212) 634-4233

03. Does the doctor prescribe medicine and do procedures?

The doctor is a board-certified and fully licensed physician with the ability to prescribe medications and perform medical procedures. Our focus is on a holistic, natural approach to health while minimizing invasive medical therapies and procedures.

04. I would like to book a doctor to speak for my community. How can I do that?

By emailing info@wholegut.com, you can book the doctor for speaking engagements.

05. I have seen a doctor previously and would like to schedule an appointment for a second opinion. Do I need to repeat my tests?

We see many patients for a second opinion. The doctor will review previous records in detail and only order tests as needed.

06. Are you seeing patients via telehealth?

We are offering virtual visits for local and out-of-state patients. We use private video conferencing to provide integrative and holistic consultations at the convenience of the patient’s home. If testing needs to be done, we can direct patients to local laboratories, have at-home blood draws, or ship lab kits to patients' homes as needed. We started doing this out of necessity and continued because of success.